Stoneware Lighting

The Stoneware lighting range was conceived on a visit to a local artist, at the time I was working on another project that involved the hand throwing of clay. I was intrigued by the beauty of all the hand lines and ridges created during the throwing process. I was also disappointed to see these beautiful nuances erased in order to conform to a preconceived notion of perfection.

The Stoneware is air dried and fired without the use of glazes and other colorants. The different colours are created by using stoneware sourced from different regions and are determined by the natural elements found at each location.

Overall Dimensions:
Small: 150mm Ø x 250mm
Medium: 220mm Ø x 250mm
Large: 330mm Ø x 250mm

All dimensions are only estimates as each pendant is hand made using natural materials and may vary.